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We, the old Students of Kano Science Schools, G.G.S.S.S Jahun, Taura and G.S.S.S Kafin Hausa, prior to the creation of present Jigawa State, having firmly and solemnly resolved to form and belong to the Kano Science Schools Old Student Association (KASSOSA) as one united and indivisible body dedicated to the promotion of Science education in Kano and Jigawa and wellbeing of our members that would improve the welfare, and promote solidarity, peace, equity and justice amongst ourselves and other Nigerians do hereby set for ourselves and adopt this Constitution.

Our Mission

To organize all graduates of Kano Science Schools, G.G.S.S.S Jahun, Taura and S.S.S Kafin Hausa, prior to the creation of present Jigawa State as members of Kano Science School Old Student Association (KASSOSA).

Our Vision

To poster the spirit of Unity, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and understanding among members.

Our Core-Values

To harness Human and Material Resources for the Promotion and Development of Science and Technology Education.
To develop, promote and assist the teaching and study of Science subjects in Science Schools in Kano and Jigawa State in one part and the Nation in general

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How Members Can Access This System

Here is the process of how a kassosa member can navigate to this site.

  • First of all a member shall visit www.kassosa.com
  • A member must be registered from his school.
  • After registering click on login from the top and then provide your credentials.
  • When successful login member will be prompted to fill a biodata form

Make sure to fill that form accurate, because all event gate pass like AGM, Iftar and members IDcard will be generated using the data you provided. But annual dues must be paid before you can print all this gate pass.

How Chapters Can Access This System

Here is the process of how a kassosa chapter can navigate to this site.

  • First of all a chapter shall visit www.kassosa.com
  • Chapter must be registered before getting access to some parts.
  • All class chapter must pay annual dues before their member get an event ticket.
  • Class chapter can see list of its registered members
  • Class chapter can accept/verify its member

Registration fee of each and every chapter is 10,000 naira annual which we called it annual dues.

How Members Can Make Donation

Here is the process of how to donate moeny as kassosa membere.

  • First of all anyone wish to donate shall visit www.kassosa.com
  • Member can donate from his dashboard or from landing page
  • Just click on button that say donate to kassosa
  • Provide the details required there put amount and then click donate.

Note: As a member donation from dashboard is more easier because most of the feilds will be autofilled you are just to put amount and then click donate.

How Chapters Can Pay Annual Dues

Here is the process of how to donate moeny as kassosa membere.

  • First of all Chapter shall visit www.kassosa.com
  • Navigate to login page and enter login credentials
  • After successful login naviage to sidebar and select annual dues
  • Click on pay annual dues enter your atm card details
  • After a successful payment receipt will be generated which you can print.

Note: All class chapter who has not pay for it's annual dues their dashboard will be deactivated automatically by the system.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Sara Wilsson


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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Matt Brandon


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John Larson


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